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CAMRA has created a virtual pub for beer drinkers and pub-goers to get together for a beer and tackle the loneliness and social isolation felt during the Coronavirus lockdown and closure of the nation’s pubs.

The Red (On)Lion is a video platform where anyone can join the public bar for a lively chat over a beer or book a table to set up video conferencing for up to four participants. Coming soon: The virtual pub can also stream various pub quizzes, activities and events taking place online, bringing all virtual social activities in one place for the pub-seeker.

The Red (On)Lion is the social arm for CAMRA’s #PullingTogether campaign, which was launched with SIBA and Crowdfunder to support the brewing and pub industry in this difficult time. Pub participants are encouraged to share what beer they’re sampling while visiting the Red (On)Lion.

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Joining online is quick and easy, and it will give you access to everything you need to start with your CAMRA membership.

You will also gain additional benefits to The Red (On)Lion such as:

  • Larger video tables
  • Ability to turn off ads (via profile page)
  • Plus more features to come....
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