Browser support

For anyone having trouble, in terms on video, webRTC is required which is only present on very modern browsers. This a web limitation so even if it works on skype or zoom locally, it may not work when using a web browser.

It might be easier to google search Web Cam Test and finding a site to check if your camera works before coming back here. (e.g webcamtests.com NOTE: This is not our site and we accept no responsibilty of any external sites you use to check your camera.)

Chrome Firefox Safari** Edge (ORTC*** & Chromium)
Android - -
iOS * * -
Linux - -
macOS -
Windows -

- Chrome and Firefox for iOS do not have access to WebRTC APIs, unlike Safari for iOS.

Other Frequently asked questions

If you are having other issues with using this site please check the faqs below. Click on the titles to show more.

Please check that you are using one of the browsers above. If you are then please also check your browser permission settings to allow the use of the camera.

Helpful articles: Google camera settings, Firefox camera settings, Safari camera settings, Edge camera settings

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