Our Tables

The The Red (On)Lion provides public tables for people to join and socialise. These tables organise a video chat environment where you can meet other people and let them know what you are drinking.

If you fancy a break away from the all the noise in the Public tables, then you can create your own private table and meet up with friends to discuss in your own conformt.

Creating a table will generate an invite link that you can send to other friends to encourage them to join. They will also provide an invite code for current online users to join directly.

Your last created table will show on the bar page for you to easily access.

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Our tables

Like any pub, there are rules to make sure everyone has a good time – and if you can’t behave, you’ll be barred!

Treat other drinkers with the respect you’d expect yourself. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or threatened in our virtual pub, so please be polite, try to avoid extreme language and shouting and we don’t expect to see or hear anything abusive, discriminatory, or offensive from users.

While CAMRA hosts the Red (On) Lion, this is an unmoderated site and we are not responsible for the behaviour, opinions or actions of its users. Please bear this in mind when you’re using the Red (On) Lion – while we want people to stick to the rules above, we don’t want them to feel they can’t have fun, and you might hear the sort of discussions and language you’d expect to hear in your average pub.