The juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice

Ciderniks has been making ciders, Pure Apple Juice and Cider Vinegar in Kintbury, West Berkshire since 2003. All of our ciders are made from 100% pure apple juice pressed here in Kintbury without the use of any additives (no sulphites, no sweeteners, no flavourings, no added water or anything else!). This makes our ciders vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. Each cider is allowed to ferment down to its natural level of dryness. The distinctive taste of each cider is down to the apples used in its making. Not all ciders are the same!

Ciders for tasting: Combe Raider 6.5%, Dab Hand 6.5%, Ten Years After 6.5%, Freebird 7.0% and To be Frank 5.6%

You can buy your tasting pack from the Ciderniks store on Brew2You:

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