Make Mine Mild

Join renowned beer writer and educator Des de Moor for a fascinating session on that most unfairly overlooked of beer styles, mild ale.

At its best, mild is a balanced, refreshing, easy-drinking, malt-forward beer style that delivers enormous flavour and character, usually at a modest alcoholic strength. Once the default English beer style and the alcoholic beverage of choice for most of the country’s industrial workforce, it’s struggled for decades with an old-fashioned, ‘cloth cap’ image. But with shifting taste and new interest from younger brewers, it might just be poised for a comeback.

Des will talk about the style’s fascinating history, deal with a few myths and of course invite you to taste some great contemporary examples. You won’t need specific beers to join in but we recommend you try to find at least some examples from the list below. Des de Moor is one of the UK’s top beer experts, the author of London’s Best Beer, Pubs and Bars, a regular contributor to CAMRA’s BEER magazine, the UK compiler for the Pocket Beer Book and a contributor to numerous other magazines, books and websites. He’s an Accredited Beer Sommelier, a busy beer and brewery tour guide and tutored tasting host and a sought-after beer judge in both Britain and abroad.

Suggested examples:

Standard bottled milds from established brewers Note few of these are bottle conditioned.

Elgood’s Black Dog (3.6%)

Greene King XX Mild (3%)

Harvey’s Dark Mild (3%)

Holdens Black Country Mild (3.8%)

Hook Norton Hooky Mild (2.8%)

Rudgate Ruby Mild (4.4%)

Contemporary and stronger milds

Boxcar Dark Mild (3.6%, can)

Beerblefish Impy Mild (7.1%)

Leeds Midnight Bell (4.8%)

North/De Molen XXXX Mild (8.5%, one-off special but worth it if you find it)

Redwillow Chevalier Mild (4.6%, can)

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Make Mine Mild

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